Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Broncolor Siros 800s kit review

Swiss Made But Not With Precision!
I was very disappointed from Siros 800s performance! From power setting 2 to 5, I got noticeable flash output fluctuation! It got better as power went up to 9. I mainly got interested in Siros 800s because of its specifications and ability to lower the power to be able to shoot at f=2.8 but it was not the case, exposure changed with every other shot! (watch video sample)
First I thought it was something wrong with my camera but after trying the same setting with three different bodies I was sure that it was Siros 800s (both heads).
The other thing I noticed was these two flash heads had two different color temperatures especially at the lower power settings! That also bummed me out for a kit at this price range. (look at side by side sample photo)
Other thing that bothered me was the very loud fan noise (deafening), even louder than Profoto D1. All the videos I have watched about Broncolor Siros the sound of the fan is either eliminated or heavily suppressed which I think is very misleading, Remote control RFS 2.1 was not very impressive but it did its job. Broncolor App was iffy at times like standby button was not responding to touch, the whole App would freeze or when I touched test button sometimes flash heads fired in a delayed sequence rather than simultaneously. (I used iPad mini gen4 for Bron App)
I called Hasselblad-Bron tech support and I was even more surprised to how bad they were!! Pretty much support does not exist! Zero stars for Bron tech support!!
I don't know whether or not I got a lemon or defective kit but when you pay $3600 for a kit, you expect a much better performance right out of the box! Where is the quality control??
As for built quality it is built like a tank and these heads are heavy. The box is odd size, weighs about 45lbs. If your kit was not up to par and you decide to return it, you are looking at $200 to pay for shipping. I really wanted this kit to work for me but lack of performance caused me to return the kit.

 Sample of different color temprature from the two heads in the kit

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